Summer is almost here!

Yikes, it's def. been awhile since I've 'blogged'.   I logged in to find over 100 messages / requests for links to download one of my free printables.  I'm not sure if these were the same requests that came in via email, so I apologize if I missed any of you!

Sharing the direct download link has become a lot of work for me (my Valentine's Day printable itself was downloaded over 15,000 times from my site) so with that said, I am looking into a better way to make this sharing stuff a lot easier!

In the meantime, I thought I'd do some more sharing ...

I finally took down our SPRING decorations and put up our RED, WHITE AND BLUE's ... I love this time of the year, because these decorations are the ones that stay up the longest in our home.  They go up for Memorial Day and usually do not come down until Labor Day - at least the exterior decorations that is.  My daughter's birthday is in August, so ever since she was born, the interior of our home is now dedicated to her birthday theme decor!

Anyhow, as I was decorating I realized I had never shared my Patriotic Subway Art design, so as soon as I find the original print, I will make sure to share the link.

Here is what it looks like! Whatcha think?

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Happy Mother's Day

I saw this quote and it captured my feelings for my dear mama perfectly! ... Wishing all the mommy's out there a very Happy Mothers Day!

My greatest wish is that some day someone will say to me ... "you're turning into your mother!"

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Our Little Casita

1919 Craftsman Bungalow - Before and After ... Always a work in progress!

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St. Patrick's Day Printable

So long Valentine's!  St. Patrick's day is officially up in my home! 

 You can download  HERE to print at home OR email me <cp@designsbycp dot com> and I will send you link where you can download high resolution file.

Print the PDF at home, trim your paper to 8×10 and frame OR send the JPG to your local photo printer, pick up and frame!

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Starburst Valentine Label Topper

Gotta love Pinterest for last minute ideas!  My daughter was "Star Student" in her class this week and during our drive home from school ON THURSDAY she tells me that "usually" when other kids are Star Student, their mommy's bring a treat for the rest of the class ON FRIDAY! ...  Eeeek!  I asked her what she wanted to bring and she said Starburst, cause she was a STAR!   I immediately remembered a cute little treat bag I had come across on Pinterest, but had yet to "PIN", so I quickly got on my phone and was able to find what I was looking for ...however the link to the free printable did not work! 

I knew I wanted to borrow the idea so I decided to make my own label for our last minute project!  We ran over to Wallmart to get our supplies.  I purchased the 3x4 Wilson bags shown below ($2.50) and a 41 ounce bag of Starburst candy ($6.98).

When we got home:
  • I designed the label.  (I'm all for saving paper so was able to place 9 labels on one sheet)
  • We printed labels on cardstock, cut them out and folded in half.
  • We stuffed the bags with 9 pieces of candy in pretty patterns and
  • Placed the labels over the top of the bag and stapled together.
We were able to make 30 treat bags with the 41 ounce bag of candy.  Total assembly time was about 45 minutes with my little 5 year old helping me!

I forgot to get a picture when all the bags were done, but they were definitely a big hit with her classmates the next day!  I had a good friend ask if I could make a Valentine's day version for her daughter, so this is what I came up with:


Sharing is caring, so you can download your copy HERE to print at home.
Hope you have fun putting them together with your little valentine ... Enjoy!

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11x14 Valentine's Day Subway Print

Happy Saturday!  Weather in California is AMAZING today!

Not only have I had hundreds of requests in the past few weeks for the high res. 8x10 Subway Art print, but I've also had many inquiries on whether I had it available in an11x14 size.  Since it has been so popular, I figured I might as well re-size it for those that requested it, so here it is .... leave your email in the comment box or email me at <cp @ designsbycp dot com> and I will send you the link where you can download the high resolution file.

I've actually wanted to go 'bigger' myself this year, and try my designs in one of these bad boys:

It's an Ikea16x20 Ribba Frame!  I've never printed any of my designs that large, but looks like I might just give it a try for St. Patrick's day!  Prints at Costco are just $5.99 each and I could continue to reuse the frame, as I do now, for each holiday!  . . . Stay Tuned!

My home is not very big so not sure how it would look or where I would put it? Anyone else gone this size before?
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Free Valentine's Day Cupcake Toppers / Tags

Download for free HERE.


DIY Instructions:

Each file has been created in high resolution print quality, which means each file can be easily printed on your home color printer.  Cardstock paper works best as the extra weight of the paper reinforces the shape as the paper is cut. For an even more professional look, save file on a flashdrive and take to your local print shop. 

2. CUT
With this file you will need either one of the following:
2" circle punch 
2" scalloped circle punch
2' square punch
2" scalloped square punch.

3. Assemble
Each circle or square can be mounted on a toothpick, lollipop stick or other similar object of your choice with scotch tape.  You can also tie a ribbon or bow just under the design for a finished look.  You can also use cupcake toppers as gift tags, labels for various candies and goodies, pencil toppers for class favors or anything else you can think of!

4. Display and Enjoy!
I'd love to see how you used this printable!  Email me: [cp @ designsbycp dot com]
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Valentine's Day Keep Calm Printable

Happy Friday!

This is for a 5x7 print which can be downloaded HERE to print at home OR email me <cp at designsbycp dot com> and I will send you link where you can download the high resolution file.

Simply print the PDF at home and trim your paper, or send the JPG to your local photo printer.

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Valentine's Day Subway Art

Are you ready for it?  I started taking down "Christmas" today, and pulled out "Valentine's Day"!  I have been making these subway Art prints for the past year and use them as decoration in our home, so this year I thought I would share them!

I send mine to Costco and in an hour or so viola! you have a print that you can frame and have up in your home too!

This is for an 8x10 print which can be downloaded HERE to print at home OR email me <cp@designsbycp dot com> and I will send you link where you can download high resolution file.

Simply print the PDF at home and trim your paper to 8×10, or send the JPG to your local photo printer.

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Hello 2012!

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a restful and fabulous holiday.  I thought I'd start the new year off with blogging  ... yes, I know...I've tried this before, but hopefully this time I can keep it up!  After some time off (a little over a year or so!)  I'm ready to embark on a new design journey!  I'm not sure if it’s just me, but the new year always ignites a sense of inspiration and creative energy in me.

Stay tuned for new designs and FREE STUFF!
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"Oh the places you'll go!" Tradition

Oh, the Places You'll Go! ... It's never too late to start this special tradition! ...

Every year have your child's teacher write a note to them on one of the pages of this book, then give your child the book when they graduate from high school! ... My husband and like to include a note and special memory too!  Request notes from other special school staff, coaches, friends and family members as well ... always make sure to include the date the notes were written!

Here is a note that you can send to teachers:

Dear Teacher, 
Very grateful to you I would be,
if you would please, please do this favor for me.
I started this gift when Makayla was small,
and plan to complete it by the time she is tall.
Each teacher who helps her along the way,
I hope will autograph – that is to say

Please add a note, a picture or song,
A special memory can never be wrong.
You have helped make her the person she is
and you can take credit when they call her a whiz!
I will present it to her on high school graduation day
in honor of you who are so special today.
I don’t know which direction she’ll take – North, South, East or West,
but I do know she thinks her teachers are the best!

... and I would like to give you my thanks for being a part of all the places she'll go! 
Makayla's Mom (and Daddy too!)

I purchased the slip cased hardcover gift edition which makes this gift that more special!

Money Lei made for my daughter's preschool graduation.
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welcome to designsbycp

welcome to designsbycp. this is where i will be posting samples of my work.
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