Starburst Valentine Label Topper

Gotta love Pinterest for last minute ideas!  My daughter was "Star Student" in her class this week and during our drive home from school ON THURSDAY she tells me that "usually" when other kids are Star Student, their mommy's bring a treat for the rest of the class ON FRIDAY! ...  Eeeek!  I asked her what she wanted to bring and she said Starburst, cause she was a STAR!   I immediately remembered a cute little treat bag I had come across on Pinterest, but had yet to "PIN", so I quickly got on my phone and was able to find what I was looking for ...however the link to the free printable did not work! 

I knew I wanted to borrow the idea so I decided to make my own label for our last minute project!  We ran over to Wallmart to get our supplies.  I purchased the 3x4 Wilson bags shown below ($2.50) and a 41 ounce bag of Starburst candy ($6.98).

When we got home:
  • I designed the label.  (I'm all for saving paper so was able to place 9 labels on one sheet)
  • We printed labels on cardstock, cut them out and folded in half.
  • We stuffed the bags with 9 pieces of candy in pretty patterns and
  • Placed the labels over the top of the bag and stapled together.
We were able to make 30 treat bags with the 41 ounce bag of candy.  Total assembly time was about 45 minutes with my little 5 year old helping me!

I forgot to get a picture when all the bags were done, but they were definitely a big hit with her classmates the next day!  I had a good friend ask if I could make a Valentine's day version for her daughter, so this is what I came up with:


Sharing is caring, so you can download your copy HERE to print at home.
Hope you have fun putting them together with your little valentine ... Enjoy!

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