"Oh the places you'll go!" Tradition

Oh, the Places You'll Go! ... It's never too late to start this special tradition! ...

Every year have your child's teacher write a note to them on one of the pages of this book, then give your child the book when they graduate from high school! ... My husband and like to include a note and special memory too!  Request notes from other special school staff, coaches, friends and family members as well ... always make sure to include the date the notes were written!

Here is a note that you can send to teachers:

Dear Teacher, 
Very grateful to you I would be,
if you would please, please do this favor for me.
I started this gift when Makayla was small,
and plan to complete it by the time she is tall.
Each teacher who helps her along the way,
I hope will autograph – that is to say

Please add a note, a picture or song,
A special memory can never be wrong.
You have helped make her the person she is
and you can take credit when they call her a whiz!
I will present it to her on high school graduation day
in honor of you who are so special today.
I don’t know which direction she’ll take – North, South, East or West,
but I do know she thinks her teachers are the best!

... and I would like to give you my thanks for being a part of all the places she'll go! 
Makayla's Mom (and Daddy too!)

I purchased the slip cased hardcover gift edition which makes this gift that more special!

Money Lei made for my daughter's preschool graduation.
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