Summer is almost here!

Yikes, it's def. been awhile since I've 'blogged'.   I logged in to find over 100 messages / requests for links to download one of my free printables.  I'm not sure if these were the same requests that came in via email, so I apologize if I missed any of you!

Sharing the direct download link has become a lot of work for me (my Valentine's Day printable itself was downloaded over 15,000 times from my site) so with that said, I am looking into a better way to make this sharing stuff a lot easier!

In the meantime, I thought I'd do some more sharing ...

I finally took down our SPRING decorations and put up our RED, WHITE AND BLUE's ... I love this time of the year, because these decorations are the ones that stay up the longest in our home.  They go up for Memorial Day and usually do not come down until Labor Day - at least the exterior decorations that is.  My daughter's birthday is in August, so ever since she was born, the interior of our home is now dedicated to her birthday theme decor!

Anyhow, as I was decorating I realized I had never shared my Patriotic Subway Art design, so as soon as I find the original print, I will make sure to share the link.

Here is what it looks like! Whatcha think?

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